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MFD are recognised as the leading U.K. specialist in plastic film capacitors. Specialities include high pulse current devices, high temperature ratings, non-standard capacitance values,CR Networks, commutation and power electronic capacitors, low inductance capacitors, special cases, special terminations, suppression capacitors, and many others.

MFD has always been committed to quality and has long been approved to the ISO 9001 quality management system. Company products have been approved by many companies to their own demanding internal standards.

The company prides itself on speedy production combined with first class engineering support to the customer.

{mfd capacitors}  The DO959 family of capacitors were designed to meet the requirements of an international railway signalling equipment manufacturer. The capacitor is used to resonate with the inductance of the rails between the station and the train in order to provide position information on line traffic.

Metallised polycarbonate is the dielectric used for high stability of capacitance and low temperature coefficient. The capacitance value of this capacitor family is from 33F to 132F and it is rated at 160VDC. The Capacitance Tolerance is 1%. Other voltage ratings and size variants are available according to requirements.

DO926 capacitors were designed for a leading U.K. based power filter manufacturer. The application required 600VAC capacitors to conform to X2 class requirements and be suitable for use in UL approved power filters. Metallised polypropylene is the dielectric used. The units are 2.2 F +/- 10% tolerance, they are proof tested to 3200VDC.   mfd capacitors
 mfd capacitors The group of capacitors typified by DO834 were developed to meet the requirements of applications including commutation, filtering, switch mode PSUs and inverters. Metallised polypropylene is the dielectric to give low losses and competitive pricing. The DO834 illustrated is a 10F 500VAC capacitor used by a leading U.K. based EMC solutions provider. The capacitor provides high capacitance, high voltage and current ratings and convenient mounting in a compact, rugged unit.
Capacitors can be supplied with two M8 female connections as shown or male M8 studs or both to allow stacking for larger arrays. MFD will be pleased to discuss any special terminations you may need. 
These annular capacitors are produced in large quantities and various capacitance values and voltage ratings for a European filter manufacturer. The components pictured are 1.1F and rated at 440VAC. They are designed to allow the rest of the filter circuitry to fit inside the centre of the unit and use the space inside the filter casing in the most efficient way possible.   mfd capacitors
mfd capacitors  The DO708 family of feedthrough capacitors were designed to meet requirements of a number of mains filter manufacturers.  Metallised polypropylene is the dielectric used for low loss and consequently low self -heating. The construction keeps inductance to a minimum.

The capacitor is fitted in a metal bulkhead which screens radiated interference. The central stud is capable of carrying 200 Amps of mains current. The capacitance is between the central stud and the bulkhead connection, and conducts away the unwanted frequencies to earth.Various voltage ratings, current ratings and size variants are available according to requirements.  

DO983 capacitors are series RC units produced to meet a customer's specific snubbing requirements.  They consist of a polyester capacitor winding  and a 1/2 Watt resistor.  Other combinations of capacitance and resistance,  can readily be produced for other applications.  mfd capacitors                                                                                            Copyright MFD Capacitors (1991) Ltd. All Rights Reserved.